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The eternal question in society that is forever trying to be answered is:


The best answer is that we age because our cells age!

Telomeres and Telomerase – these are two words that will help you understand the aging process, and how we can combat it!

A telomere is essentially a nucleic sequence found at the end of a DNA strand, which protects the end of each cell or chromosome in that strand, from deterioration, or “aging”. Telomere acts as a disposable “buffer” by blocking the ends of chromosomes, allowing the ends to shorten. Over time, due to each cell division, the telomere ends become shorter and shorter, until they lose all functionality of the cell, and as a result, the cells stop dividing, age, and die. Skin develops wrinkles, age spots, and more.

Telomerase is an enzyme that can actually reverse aging. It is responsible for replenishing telomeres. Telomerase lengthens telomeres on the chromosomes on each cell in DNA strands, thereby allowing the chromosome to become potentially “immortal”, or never die. Essentially Telomerase stops, or resets, the cells’ biological clock! It’s a key to the fountain of youth.

All Anti-Aging Facials are enhanced with stimulating blend of essential oils to encourage oxygenation and improved elasticity and creating a better texture and more radiant and vitalized complexion.


The key to extreme longevity is turning the telomerase gene from “OFF” to “ON”. Aging well requires planning, and now you can add another tool to your kit!

mSpa Telomerase Reverse Aging Facial  (60 min: $85)

This facial will start the process of re-growth, or lengthening telomeres, by slowing down the aging and deterioration of cells, resulting in a prolonged youthful appearance, revealing firm and toned skin with long-lasting results. This is a great start to reversing the “aging clock”.


mAlpha Hydroxy Facial  ($85 or 4 Treatment Package: $260)

Walk away with fewer wrinkles!Ideal for mature skin; where fundamental changes in the skin suppleness and firmness begin to change.This Alpha Hydroxy facial will re-surface your dull and lifeless appearance, revealing a fresh, full of life, healthy, and glowing complexion.


mAge Resist Exfoliator  ($65 or 6 Treatment Package: $270)

30% Glycolic Acid/Lactic Acid used consecutively will induce exfoliation, soften lines and wrinkles, firm and tone. Also stimulates the growth of new collagen and elastin fibers.


mSensitive Skin Exfoliator  ($65 or 6 Treatment Package: $270)

30% Azelaic Acid/Mandelic Acid fights free radical damage and increases cell turnover, which will gradually minimize wrinkles and imperfections. This facial is excellent for rosacea sufferers, pre and post laser treatments. This treatment is also recommended for darker skin tones, as it does not promote hyper pigmentation, or dark spots.


mAcne Exfoliator  ($65 or 6 Treatment Package: $270)

30% Salicylic Acid/Lactic Acid. Salicylic acid penetrates into the lipid plug in a congested follicle, killing acne bacteria, and improving skin’s texture by reducing the appearance of scaring, pigmentation, and abnormalities relating to the acne healing process.