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  • Derived from essential oil, fruit, plant extracts
  • Undisputed pioneer of professional aesthetic aromatheraphy
  • Target specific needs of each individual
  • Custom made skincare product
  • Delivers visible  results


Stimulastine Jour / Stimulastine Nuit

With age, the dermis gets thinner, the elastin fibers gradually lose their suppleness and solidity and wrinkles are formed.
To protect the elastin, stimulate its synthesis, improve its quality and fight the signs of aging, Yon-Ka has created an innovative duo rich in high performing plant extracts, to complete and enrich its AGE CORRECTION range.

FOCUS ONBuy either Stimulastine Jour or Stimulastine Nuit to receive your $25 facial in the month of July, because you’re worth it. Stay Beautiful.


Stimulastine Jour: Anti-wrinkle  – anti-elastase Thanks to its anti-elastase active ingredient, extracted from Boswellia serrate – a tree indigenous to India – STIMULASTINE JOUR fights against the deterioration of elastin and appearance of deep wrinkles with a smoothing-lifting action thanks to its oat polysaccharides, and an anti-oxidant effect from the co-enzyme Q10.


Stimulastine Nuit: Anti-wrinkle – elastin booster STIMULASTINE NUIT, rich in dill and yeast extracts, contributes towards boosting the functionality of the elastin network and helps skin restructure overnight, when the skin’s healing and repairing mechanisms peak.

 Eve Taylor – Essential Oils

  • The Mind .. and the emotions
  • The Body…disease, pain and inflammation
  • The Spirit…to connect with our true self